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Upcoming Events

Experience Nature's Elements day long workshops and retreat experiences. From cold exposure to mindset training, let Dan & Tan guide you to your optimal health.


Natures Element's 
Upcoming Events

Explore our upcoming retreats and wellness experiences

Discover our signature retreat packages.

Discover our signature retreat packages.

4 Elements Reset:
July 27
4 Elements Wellness Retreat:
September 28-29
5-Day Wim Hof Retreat:
January 23 to 27
Fire and Ice Experience:
June 28
Breathwork & Crystal Bowls 
June 28

Silence in Nature

Immerse yourself in 3 months of weekly community classes, where you'll join a network of like-minded individuals, fostering growth and collective wellness.

Personalized Playlists for Breathwork

Experience the power of custom playlists for breathwork, meticulously curated to resonate with your emotional and physical state, enhancing relaxation and focus.

Customized Practice Routines

Receive bespoke practice routines that align with your wellness journey, designed to optimize your health, increase resilience, and improve mental clarity.


“Tool Kits”

Access comprehensive practice 'tool kits' to support your daily wellness rituals, ensuring you have all the resources for a transformative self-practice.


Your Wellness Journey Awaits

Explore the tranquil journey awaiting you at Nature's Elements Wellness

Ready to experience rejuvenation? Choose from our range of retreats packages and wellness activities for a personalized escape into nature.

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