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Fire and Ice Experience

  • 45 Canadian dollars
  • Nature's Elements Wellness

Service Description

Join Dan and Tan Deluis in this unique session combining breathwork, sauna warmth, and cold exposure challenge. The contrast of fire and ice under the cloak of night creates a mesmerizing experience, blending the intense warmth of a sauna with the bracing shock of cold dipping. This ritual, a dance between extremes, is not just about physical endurance but also about awakening the senses and diving deep into personal discovery. As the heat envelops the body, pores open, and toxins are released, creating a purifying effect. Stepping from the sweltering embrace of the sauna into the icy caress of cold water, the immediate chill sends a surge of vitality through the veins, invigorating the spirit and strengthening the mind's resilience. This juxtaposition of heat and cold is more than a test; it's a journey towards equilibrium, a quest for balance in the body's core temperature and in the soul's quest for harmony. The ritual doesn't end with the shock of cold water but transitions into a period of introspection through breathwork. Deep, controlled breathing in this heightened state of awareness helps stabilize the body and focus the mind, preparing it for the final act of the night: the resonant sounds of a crystal bowl. The pure, penetrating tones of the crystal bowl resonate through the body, aligning with its newfound balance. This sonic healing wraps the evening's practice, leaving the individual deeply connected to their inner self. The fire and ice night, with its cycle of sauna, cold dipping, breathwork, and crystal bowl meditation, becomes a powerful metaphor for transformation, embodying the duality of existence and the transcendent path to inner peace.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please cancel 24 hours before your visit. Cancellations within 24 hours will incur a 50% fee.

Contact Details

  • 103 Rockfield Road, Mallorytown, ON, Canada

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